Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Poor me

I am feeling sorry for myself, so I am going to be a big ole complainer. My hubby is currently unemployed, he was in the mortgage industry and he got laid off Sept 5th. This is the longest he has gone without a job during our 14 years together. While he is searching for gainful employment, he is working with a friend painting. So all last week and this week, he is down in union city painting, he is staying down there because it is about an hour and a half away with out traffic and with traffic who knows. Which leaves me to deal with the three little monsters and I have to take out the trash and remember to pull it to the curb, ugggg.

Last night as I was yelling at Gwen for something or other, I yanked my cami over my head in a ferocious manner and my three quarter caret diamond earring came out and flew somewhere in my room. I hardly ever take these earrings off, I even sleep in them and now one is lost in my stupid bedroom!!! I am hoping as I tidy up my room I will find it, otherwise I will have to claim it on my insurance, which will make the premium go up UGGGGG.

Our insurance is ending on Nov. 5ht, and they always offer you cobra, well, for my fam of 5 it is $1000.00 a month. How does this make any sense? You have no job and they want you to pay $1000.00 a month insurance. CRAZY!

This is a valid thing to be sad about, my great Grandma who is 100 is in the hospital, she had a minor stroke, not sure what is going to happen. Also found out today that my friends husband, who is in his 30's just had a testicle removed due to cancer. My sister and I are wondering what the third thing is going to be!!!!!!!!

To top it off I have fruit flies in my house. I keep killing them and they keep multiplying, come to think of it, I think they are A-sexual, and don't need a mate to reproduce. Lovely!

One more complaint, I hate trying to loose weight, I still have 25lbs to go to be pre-pregnancy. I want to fit in my old clothes!!!!!!!!!!

I have a lot to be thankful for, I have 3 beautiful children, we are all healthy(for the moment), I have a lot of wonderful friends, I have a home, I went to two great estate sales over the weekend(Photos to come), and a husband who loves me even though I am a messy girl and he is a neat freak.

Off to bed!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

One day a week or so ago I took the kidos to the pumpkin patch after school, it was a beautiful day. We took some photos, the kids had a snack and we took home a few little pumpkins.

Graham is so cute sitting on this alligator, he thought it was big fun!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fingerless glove

I finished one and the other is half done, I think it turned out pretty cute. My hand looks old an wrinkly YIKES!!! Gabby all ready tried to steal them from me. Guess I might have to make her a pair too. I can't seem to figure out how to get rid of the underlining???

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yard Sale Finds

Saturday I was able to get to one yard sale, it was actually an Estate Sale. There was an old barn full to the brim. The man who lived in the house never got rid of anything, he had every bill, check, magazine etc. from his whole 90 years of life. I spent a good 45 min. poking around the barn, yard and the house. I got a lot of great stuff for cheap. I found this pink cabinet as I was leaving and had to have the man running the sale tie it to the top of my Navigator. It was 8$, it is on casters and there is another one, so I am going back this Saturday to get it. It is all ready in my garage with stuff in it.

I am listing the items in the order of the photos: I got this box of vintage greeting cards they are so cute and sparkly, aqua oven mitt, box of old envelopes with great vintage stamps still on them, vintage folding measuring stick,Vintage Christmas carol sheet music, some vintage books, the newest one is from 1948, cute embroidered tea towel, three more books one of which is sheet music, a vintage aqua dish drainer?, an aqua vintage curling iron in its package, three forks, the darling vintage suitcase, fabric and the pretty floral fabric is actually a curtain and I got 7 of them. Pretty darn good for $20.00.

The dresser and mirror were also 20$ I love the mirror. Yep, I picked up another Redman picnic basket, this one cost me 5$ which was fine because it had the cute vintage picnic ware inside. This basket is not in as good of shape as the one I got a few weeks ago. The laundry basket cost me 3$, I love it, it hold soooo much. The last photo is of the inside of one of the books, it is Little Women, it is the one with the lady's on the cover, it has beautiful illustrations. I am planning on going to the sale again this weekend to make sure I didn't miss anything, also I am going to get another pink cabinet and there is a set of pink lockers, thought these would be fun in the garage too.

Culinary Institute of America

Two Saturdays ago I got to finally go to the Culinary Institute for Lunch. It was so much fun. Nine of us girls went for my friend Jenny's birthday. The food was to die for, everything I tasted was sooooooooo good! I had the yummiest drink, it was called a M-187, it was chambord, brandy, lemon juice a sugar cube and a small bottle of mum champagne, it was worth the 11$. see how pretty it was.

This was my yummy steak lunch, it makes my mouth water just looking at it. Miss Jenny with her birthday dessert, it was yummy creme bruele. We could see the chefs cooking from our table.

When I arrived home the house was quite, however I knew everyone was home because both cars were in the driveway. I found the girls up stairs, no dudes??? Much to my surprise, I found them out back. As you can see my hubby decided to mow the lawn and he couldn't leave Graham in the house so he strapped on the back pack for the first time and off they went. Apparently mowing the lawn makes you thirsty:)

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I joined a group called, it is a fun site where you sign up for swaps with people all over the US and sometimes internationally. Here are my first few swaps.

This one was for the Think Pink swap, it went all the way to New Zealand.

This one was for a Pumpkin themed swap.

These last two were for the Newbie 5$ swap, I had two swap partners and one loves knitting and scrap booking, and the other loves hot air balloons and argyle anything. It has been fun!

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Some Finished Projects!!!

I was hosting Bunco last Wed. night, so Monday and Tuesday nights I was up until the wee hours doing projects. This photo is of my living room, up until Monday, the pictures were not hung above the mantel and the windows were bare. I love how the curtains came out! I have to admit I got the fabric for these curtains at Walmart, I don't usually get my fabric there. However, I loved the color and the fabric in general, but the best part is: it was only a dollar a yard, so I bought the whole bolt, 15yards and now I have lovely curtains.

With much help from my kids and some of their friends, I finally finished the dining room. I was painting the last wall two hours before the Bunco girls were going to arrive. Yikes! Yep, the wall paper is down and my walls are a pretty shade of pink on the top and cream on the bottom as you can see in the photo above. The Bunco girls were scheduled to arrive at 7pm, and at 6pm my house was still a mess, and I hadn't started my food, yikes. Thank God for my little Gwen and my good friend Heidi, the three of us hustled our booties and we got it done.

We even got my Halloween decorations up, I literally opened the Halloween totes at 4:30. It was a miracle we got it all done!
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Friday, October 12, 2007

Pink party

I've been so busy since last Thursday, this is the first chance I have had to be on the computer, so here is what I have been up to.

Last Thursday Night I went to the Domaine Chandon Pink party to support breast cancer. I stressed for days over what to wear, went to all the stores in town(Very limited) and headed to Fairfield mall(20min drive) and there was not a light pink thing to be found! Yes, I love pink and do have a few pink items, however I had a baby 9 months ago and still can't quite fit in some of my old clothes. I ended up borrowing a dress from my friend. The event was super fun and everyone including the men had on some shade of pink, there were even a bunch of girls in hot pink wigs and boas. The pink champagne was sooooo yummy, I must have had 6 or 7 glasses. Miraculously I felt ok the next day, not even a headache.
Nancy, Jackie, the security Guard, me & Sarah

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


No I am not referring to the UFOs that come from outer space, I am referring to the Unfinished Objects laying all over my house. I Have half made living room curtains in my family room, I have 2 knitted purses waiting for lining, I have half of the wall paper off my dining room walls, I have a half finished brown and blue purse on my sewing table along with a half finished apron,2 half finished bracelets and the start of a vintage pillow, I also started knitting a rag rug which is large enough for a place mat. I started to reorganize my closet so my bedroom looks like a bomb went off in it, In my knitting bag I have a half finished dish cloth and a baby hat that needs to be sewn closed, I have a pile of vintage linens on my ironing board that need to be ironed and I need to decide keep? Sell on Ebay? Or make into something else? Speaking of my Ebay store, I have completely neglected it I need to add new stuff which I have a mountain of in my garage.

In the mean time I really want to get my Halloween decorations up, but if I put them up now, there is such a mess in every room no one would even notice the decorations. I also need to go to my old house in Cordellia again, yep I went yesterday as EBAY had some weird glitch and 4 of my latest purchases went there. I left a note and the lady who lives there now saved my packages for me, so now I have to go get them tomorrow, which is a 22 mile round trip. Why you ask did my purchases go there since we have lived in this house for the last 5 years, I have no clue! UGGGGG

I am also completely out of groceries and Bunco is at my house one week from today, how am I ever going to get it all done!!!!!!! Plus run the girls to dance, softball, Girl Scouts, Rainbow,Baton, school and take care of my cute boy and go out with my friends tomorrow night to the Pink Party at Domaine Chandon and try to squeeze some exercise in, oh and pay bills:( and do paperwork. Yes, feeling a little overwhelmed, so instead of doing one of the things I need to do I am Blogging. HMMM

I need some organization in my life apparently, any suggestions?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

ALL for 18$

Here are some fun photos of stuff I got at an Estate Sale a few weeks ago. I spent a whole 18$ and gotso much great stuff. I saw this darling picture when I first arrived at the sale, it was an estate sale, however it was in the yard. I picked it up and under it was the dog picture below so I snatched them up. I'm not sure on the exact cost of each item, because 18$ for everthing was such a great deal!
I saw these two pottery vases from across the yard and made a bee line to them because I knew they wouldnt last long. They each have a small chip in them, but they still look lovely on my mantel.

At the end of the sale I found these two vintage sleeping bags, I love them because thay are my fave color combo pink and green and they are super soft flannel and they are in excellent condition. There are no holes or stains to be seen. We took them house boating and they were super comfy, and yes my cute hubby slept in his pink and green bag:)This is a great vintage thread holder, I love the peachy pink flower decals. There was a ton of sewing stuff at this sale, I got a medium sized tote of seam bindings, zippers, lace, thread etc.I grabbed this at the very end, I almost missed it as it was on the ground under the tables. It has two handles and it is a perfect toy basket. I love this basket, and if Mr Graham decided to get rough with it at some point it may have to relocate to a different room! I also got a queen bed sized white knitted afgan, it washed up perfectly. I also got a few pieces of fabric, 5 or so vintage linens, and a really old metal cart, which I will use when I go to the flea markets with My girl friends. There may have been a few other things, however all the sales start to blend together.

Estate Sale Finds

Yes, I am one of the crazy people who go to estate sales every weekend. Sometimes I even get up real early to go. Friday is my favorite day to go, I usually go right after dance. I'm sure I miss a lot of good stuff since it is around 11:30 by the time I get there, Oh well! This friday I went to three sales, I got this rose box for 2 dollars and I love it!

At The same sale I got this cute ride on lion for Graham. Someday soon he will be zooming all over the place on it! It was a pricier item, but I couldn't stop myself! It was 10$

I got these two books at the same sale, they were two dollars each, the dog one is from 1930 and the red one is from 1960. The girls enjoyed reading the red one, its all about love.

I also got this little truck for Graham, it is a Tonka and it cost 1$.

I Picked up this lamp as soon as I walked up to the sale, it was 2$. Right after that I spotted this great Picnic Basket which was marked 3$, which was a steal. I then proceeded to stick the lamp in the basket and everything else I got at the sale other than the lion as he wouldn't fit.

I grabbed this picture for Gabby's room to go with her vintage dog, it was a buck. She was excited, I need to find a great vintage frame for it now!

I found these cute little Bambi's in a box of christmas stuff, I paid 1$ for both and have discovered that they are S&P Shakers.

In the basket these towels went, I have a collection of vintage pink and green towels. We actually use them. They were 50cents. Then I found mr Poodle pin cushion, he is not only adorable, but pink! He was 1$. I also got a whole bundle of knitting needles, 2 christmas ornaments and a set of christmas houses that go on a strand of lights. There was more, but I put it away and can't remember what else there was!