Monday, December 31, 2007

Today's Theme is......

.....Swaps and mail I have received over the past few weeks!
I know I have been a blog slacker, not from lack of desire to blog, but from lack of time. The holidays have been super busy and now I am gearing up for Graham's First birthday party on the 5th. I almost have all my Christmas decorations down, what a chore that is, and I didn't even put up my many Dept. 56 villages. I have decided I will choose a theme each day and post about that so my posts aren't so long and on a much more regular basis.

This is the second swap I have received from LoriB. We love a lot of the same things so she spoiled me both times. I can't wait to have her as a swap partner. Her birthday is in March also , such a good creative month!!!

I participated in the stuffie swap and received this darling dog made out of vintage feed sac. It quickly took up residence in Gab's room with her other vintage dogs!

This Photo is of a swap I sent for the Red and Aqua swap . Hope my Partner likes it.The next two photos are of necklaces I received from Kristen at Mood Swing Studios.
All the images she uses are from vintage story books, I LOVE THEM. She also sent me a super cute dog one for Gabby, she loves it. Kristen is a very generous person, she made an error with my order and ended up refunding my $$ and sending me the necklaces, which was so sweet and unexpected. I have worn them both a lot all ready and Gab has worn hers too, I have gotten a ton of compliments. So pop on over and get a super cute necklace.

Another swap I sent for FAA Lucky Parcels, the theme was senders choice, so I chose Polka dots!

This one is for the Blue and White themed swap, just mailing now!

Here is a cute Lucky Parcel I received from Jek, this was for senders choice and she chose cherries, which I LOVE.

Well, this post wasn't the most exciting, but there will be more to come tomorrow, may be later in the day due to drinking tonight! Happy New Year's Eve

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Some of my Holiday Decorations

This post is especially for my swap bot pals . I am involved in a swap , where you swap photos of your holiday decor. So here we go. I all ready posted this pic, but it is a part of my decorations. I made it last week and I love it.Next we have my collection of Santas, they are mostly all vintage. At the bottom of the hutch are photos of all the members of my family with Santa, i even have a black and white of my mom with Santa and my step dad with Santa when they were little, too cute. Some day I want to get fancier frames, maybe even vintage:) Bottom left is a darling tree my grandma made me.
Here is the tree in my living room, it looks really pretty with my pink curtains. I usually put it in a different spot, but I love it here because you can see it really well from the outside. I usually get the tree flocked pink, however STEVE at STEEVE'S trees would NOT :( do it this year, I was very sad. I have nothing on top yet, not sure what is going up there, maybe something VINTAGE:) and there is no tree skirt yet.
Next two photos are of the tree in my family room, yep I do two trees. I use to put the red one in the living room and the pink one in the family room. But we redid the rooms and switched the color themes so I switched the trees too. Normally I do a large tree, BUT we decided for the sake of all my vintage ornaments we would get a little tree and put it on a table so MR. Graham couldn't reach it. The first photo is without a flash and the second is with the flash.

This is a pic of my FAB vintage Jewelry tree, and my vintage ceramic trees. They all light up which you can't tell from my photos.

This next pic is of my silver tinsel tree, the tree itself is not vintage, however all the ornaments are:) It looks super cute in the corner of my dining room.

This is also in my dining room, and I change out what resides in here depending ont he season. It is a challenge to find small enough items.

I LOVE this vintage tinsel tree, it is sooo cute.

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Monday, December 3, 2007

So Many Things to Post.... So Little Time

It has been a busy week, I finally have time to sit and post some photos. This first pic is of a dish cloth I knitted and an ornament I made out of a vintage cookie cutter. These items were for a handmade swap. Hope she likes them.I finished this garland last night, yes it is pink, but I added the pink vintage ornaments to make it a little more Christmasy. The Pic is not that great.

I made this cute little kitty a few nights ago for a swap, I love her and hope my swap partner does too.
I am doing a craft fair next weekend at my sisters work in Sebastopol, should be fun. I have been making some fun Jewelry. This pic is of some of the cute pendants I have made. Two of them are vintage scrabble tiles and the others are vintage keys with vintage type writer keys attached to them. I made myself one and get compliments everytime I wear it.
I took a quilting class on Wed. it was an all day class, which was great because I never get that much time to sew with out interruptions unless I sew at midnight. It was me and three grandmas they were all really nice, however I did have to help two of them with their machines. I didn't really learn anything new, but I had fun. The first photo is a close up of part of my quilt top and the second is the whole top, it is not finished. I still have to add the eyes to all the dogs and applique around each dog, then it will be time to put it together, I am going to back it with a white vintage chenille quilt, and tie it with black yarn. It is called a Kwillow, so it has a pillow shape on the back and the whole thing folds up into the pillow. I am making this for Graham, but Miss Gabby wants it really bad. So, I either give her this one and not have it go with her room at all, or I have to make the whole thing again in girly colors. Basically I am going to have to make three, because once I make one for Gabby, Gwen will want one too.

Last weekend I hit the jackpot at an Estate Sale, I spent $20 and got a TON of great stuff. This wall pocket is vintage pottery and is so cute, I had to take it down so I could hang Christmas decorations up. I think it was $2.00.

These pics are out of order, this is a swap I sent out for Colorific Swap, the them was pink, red and white. I embellished the towel.

The quilt in this photo was on the wall at the quilt shop and I bought the pattern because I love it, now I am on the hunt for the great fabrics used to make it. I cant wait to make it!!!!

Swap received for the black and white swap. I Love the vintage buttons and hankie. The earrings are super cute too.

Yesterday I didn't feel like going out in the am so I sent my cute hubby out. Yep, he is great and he went and he found some great deals. I know I am lucky, because most husbands would not even go much less know what to buy. He did a FAB job. He got this awesome green Vintage Chenille Comforter, it is in pristine shape, no holes, stains, no missing chenille or fringe, but the best part is he only spent 1$ on it. YIPPEEEEEEE If I was to buy this on eBay, at and antique store or at a flea market it would have cost me 40-50$.Yes, I am keeping it, it is too great to sell. He also got all the vintage ornaments you see for 1$ and the necklaces on the little thing for 1$, which I will use in my jewelry making.

Back to last weekends finds, this darling girl figurine(on top) was 1$, she is so pretty. I snatched her up and stuck her in my pile, thinking she might cost 5$. So I was very excited to pay $1.00.

I got these vintage coloring books for $1.00 each, not sure what I am doing with them?

This hat box was $1.00 also, and it is currently at my booth holding blocks, however it is not for sale as I LOVE IT. It is paten leather and in excellent shape, which you can not tell from the photo because it was not cleaned yet.

Every Christmas the girls perform with their dance studio at the retirement homes, my cute little Gwen was doing her Pink Panther Baton routine last weekend.

I also got the tall urn in the back for $1.00 it has a small chip but once again it can face the back.

This is the scarf I made for myself and I LOVE it, I might change out the button with a sparkly vintage one. I took this photo with the one arm technique.

Swap I sent for the Holiday Helper Swap on Domestic Bliss.

Swap sent for Lucky Parcels Stripes swap, stripes was a hard one for me!

This was my FAVORITE find last weekend, I have always wanted one of these, and it is AQUA. IT WAS $2.00. They sell for $30.00+ 0n eBay. It was missing 2 screws and my handy dandy Hubby fixed it right up and now it resides in my dining room close to the kitchen, wish it could go in the kitchen, but to my dismay I have to worlds smallest kitchen.:(

This whole box of vintage Christmas stuff was 5$, some of it I kept and some of it is going to my booth.