Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday Top Ten

Top Ten things I need to do:
  1. Finish last five swaps. I have five more swaps I signed up for and have to finish. Then swaps will have to wait until we get settled in NC.
  2. Pack up Sewing studio. Chad got me some totes to use, so I need to get to it, so prospective buyers can walk through the room:)
  3. PACK PACK PACK! Which will (maybe) cause me to rid my house of some STUFF.
  4. TAXES:( Yucky.... I have to get all the stuff together for our rental properties and personal stuff. I want to take care of this before we move.
  5. Back Gab's quilt and Sew Grahams together. I would like to get this done before we go. I'm sure I will need to make one for Gwen also. You know if I pack them as they are, it could be awhile before I dig them out and finish them.
  6. Get the kids School,medical, dental, & Ortho records. I figure this will make my life easier if I have them when we go.
  7. See all my friends and have the kids see their friends before we leave.
  8. LAUNDRY- Yikes, my pile is extra grande. About 10 loads. EEEK
  9. Run errands- Target to return a couple of things and get dish washer soap and V-day gifts for the kids.
  10. Wash my hair-yep it is a task I do not enjoy. I hate blow drying it, it takes FOREVER, this is why I wash it every two days.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Catching Up

If I don't blog daily, I get behind, so today I am catching up for the lack of posts over the weekend. PLUS a book review!

The book I just finished, is called Legacy of Silence by Belva Plain. I think this book was from a garage sale, not sure, due to the length each book spends sitting in the pile before it gets read.
This book was really interesting, it started in 1938 in Germany right before world war two and runs through the lives of three generations of women. I would highly recommend this book if you enjoy historical fiction, I would rate this one an 8.

Late last week the newest Romantic Homes Magazine arrived! I love this magazine, they feature beautiful homes and wonderful decorating ideas. I LOVE LOVE the colors on this months cover, to die for. Peoneys are my favorite flower look they look so pretty against the robins egg blue walls, inspiration for the new home:)

I ordered this book on ebay not too long ago and I am so into these beautiful colors. I want to make so many things in this book. Too bad I have to wait until we get settled in NC. I will have a lot of time since I will have none of my wonderful friends to have coffee or lunch with. :(

I Love the way these little owl's turned out, I may just have to make some more. They were for a swap I participated in called 5 things owls. So you send out five, and get five different ones back. I got the pattern for this from: mytreeoflifegrowsyarn. I lost her link when I switched my layout.

This is a swap I sent for FAA Birthday. FAA stands for Fabric Addicts Anonymous.

Here it is all wrapped up in more fabric.

I sent this for the tote bag with goodies swap. She likes hello kitty and cute stuff. I appliqued the tea pots on the tea towel.

I sent this out for the CDV swap- Red, Aqua and Pink. That is such a fun color combo, it is actually the new plan for my kitchen.

Here it is all tied up with a scarf and a vintage dish towel. Well, it is one minute before it is officially Tuesday, and I have to come up with a TOP TEN. YIKES. That will have to wait until later in the day when I am not so tired.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Chad received a job offer this week and we have accepted it. YIPPEE The only down side is we will be re-locating to North Carolina, Greensboro area to be exact. YEP, we will no longer be Californians-which I have been my entire life. We will be moving in about 4-6 weeks. Which means I need to start the dreaded job of packing right away. As I have said before, my house is super full of STUFF. The good thing is it will force me to get rid of stuff, and I get to decorate a new house. I am all ready planning my new color theme for the kitchen:)

This is going to be a big adventure for my little family, which I am looking forward to. I will be crazy busy trying to get ready to go, so I'm sure my blog will get neglected, just when I got on a good roll with blog posts. I will try to post as often as possible and keep you all up to date on our move. North Carolina here we come!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thrifty Thursday

Over the weekend and yesterday I had the chance to go to some thrift stores. I hadn’t been in a long while and I hit the jack pot. There were no estate sales. I did go to one yard sale that was terrible and one that was way overpriced.

This first item is a sweet vintage pair of baby booties made in Japan.
I love these and plan to take them to the antique booth or maybe ebay.
How cute would these be in a nursery holding baby items.

I am keeping this next item, because I have always wanted one.
It was a whole dollar. I love the color!

I got this vintage jelly jar at the salvation army. I haven't seen one like this before. I would like to keep it, but my house over flowith. I can see pretty spring flowers in it.

These three were also from the Salvation Army. The divided dish is Franciscan, I like this pattern and considered keeping it. Instead it will join the other goodies for sale. I also thought about keeping this pretty green plate. I thought this vintage floral fabric was great to use for my reusable shopping bags and the bonus is it was made into a duvet cover, so two sheets for the price of one!

Still from the Salvation Army. Usually I don't find much there, must have been there on the right day! I love this green rose bowl, not sure what I am doing with it? To keep or to sell?? HMMM..

I got these pretty doilies at the yard sale I went to.

So apparently jewelry boxes are a new collection for me. I may sell this one, because I have two and each of the girls have one.

This was my one of my favorite finds of the weekend. It was made in Japan and the color goes so perfectly in my living room. Plus the shape is so cute!

I got these at the Church Mouse thrift shop and I plan to make them into pin cushions.

Not sure what I am doing with these, they were 25cents and super cute.

This is my FAV find of the weekend, I got it at a consignment store, it is so pretty. Obviously I am keeping it! :)

Lovely hot pad!

I was driving and saw a sign for a yard sale so I stopped. This couple was selling family belongings, they had the Cutest pair of ceramic pink poodle lamps. Gabby would have LOVED them, they wanted 40$ for them. Sheesh its a yard sale for heavens sake. They also had some neeto vintage tapestry purses that they wanted $40-50 a piece. As I was leaving I saw this cute glass and I asked the man instead of the lady and he said a buck. The funny part is, as I was walking away the wife was getting mad and saying these things are antiques what were you thinking. Obviously she was attached to the stuff and needs to sell them some where other than at a garage sale.

Got these at a thrift store in Aqua Caliente, they are at my booth.

This cute mug is at the booth too.

Cute little custard dish went to the booth too. See I am not keeping everything:)

I did keep this because I have a collection of glass jars on my window ledge in the front yard.

This was from the consignment shop also and I am going to be a good girl and sell it. I do love the vintage chenille.

In the near future I am going to be changing my blog to two separate blogs. One for family, book reviews and other miscellaneous stuff and the other one will be for my projects and vintage finds. I want to be able to sell my designs and my vintage finds right from my blog. So in the mean time, if you see something you have to have, email me.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vintage -Reusable Shopping-Market Bag -Now Appearing on Ebay

Yep, I made it and now it is listed on Ebay. I am so excited about the way it turned out, I'm having a hard time not keeping it:) I am especially excited about this bag because it is "Green" for more than one reason. First it is made from vintage sheets, which were not part of a set anymore so they probably would have ended up as rags. Second it is reusable so we are helping the environment by not using a million plastic bags. There are a lot of people selling them on etsy and ebay, however they are all made out of canvas or other new materials, and not nearly as cute or vintagy(No Offense).

Be the first on your block to get this super stylish one of a kind shopping bag. It is perfect for a day of shopping at the mall, going to the grocery store or even a trip to the flea market or thrift stores. I have been taking my reusable bag to the mall, and the clerks look at you a little weird when you say "just stick it in this bag", but they comply.
I have this one listed on ebay(click on the word ebay) and I can make two more like this one, however each pocket will be slightly different so that they are really one of a kind. I will also be making some in other colors and out of vintage table cloths, stay tuned. (I will take orders!) It is a nice large size. I designed it based on a bag I have that is the perfect size. My papa Jim will be so proud of this new item as he thinks the environment is very important. As do I. However I do drive a Large SUV, I know its the worst, but it is so handy with my three kids and the two to three others I have with me. When I get a new car in the nearish future, I would love to buy a Hybrid. Hopefully by then they will have a full size SUV in a Hybrid.

Pocket on front for keys or coupons etc.

Inside fully lined with pretty large floral, the bag could also be made with this on the outside.

The best part about it: You fold the handles down then fold in one side then the other, roll it up and tie it with the ties. It will fit in your purse or car for easy access.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday TOP Ten

My TOP TEN for today is………………

Projects I most want to finish or start.

1. 1. Back the doggie quilt I started before Christmas and finish the cowboy one I just cut out. If you read my original post about this quilt, I was making it for Graham, however Gabby HAD to have it so I picked up some adorable vintage inspired cowboy fabric and cut it out last night. Now I need to get one going for Gwen.

2. 2. Adorable reusable shopping bags. I have a ton of vintage linens and many of them have stains I can not get out. So I want to turn them into shopping bags, because I know it is so much better for the environment.

3. 3. I started this super cute weekender bag a while ago and I really want to finish it. It is pretty brown fabric with a vintage looking rose pattern, it looks like bark cloth. Not that I am going anywhere, but you never know:)

4. 4. I have a bag full of half knitted items that I was so excited about and got distracted and started something else. Two baby blankets, two purses, a couple of scarves, a sock monkey for Gwen, fabric Rag rug and a few more. Maybe I will work on the rag rug when the weather gets nicer as the fabrics are all springy and floral.

5. 5. Graham’s first year scrap book. Which I have not even started , but have the album and all the stuff to fill it with. Scrapbooking has been low on my list of crafting choices.

6. Vintage pin cushions. I have a vintage quilt that is in such bad shape it has to be cut up, I made a pillow out of it and have started cutting out pin cushions. I am thinking about selling these.

7. 7. List on ebay or maybe etsy the stack of things I have ready to sell. I have a couple of totes full of stuff I need to photograph and list.

8. 8. Bunting-I love how Graham’s turned out. I want to make some for different holidays and possibly make some to sell.

9. 9. Mini collages- made from some great vintage images. I have some 2X2 glass and some microscope slides to put them between.

10. 10. Pillows- I have been wanting to make some different pillows out of vintage linens. I even have a bunch of pillow forms awaiting adornment.

This was harder than I thought. I could come up a bunch more items I want to start or need to finish. I have a hard time sticking to one craft at a time. Off to glitter some crepe paper for some valentine projects I am working on. I need to figure out how to get ahead of the holidays, any suggestions???

Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Madness

Monday madness pretty much sums up the contents of this post. My crazy son and my felting disaster.

SO, Mr. Graham is a dare devil at the age of one. He climbs on anything he can find, he’ll even push a fire truck next to a chair so he can then climb on it. The other day he decided to jump out of his high chair! I of course was not here, Chad was on duty at the time and turned his back and out he went. TODAY was the topper, Graham was napping, I was in the bathroom with the water running for a bath and Chad was down stairs. I turned off the water and I heard Graham talking, so I went to check on him and he met me at the door, I said “how did you get out of your bed”, Chad came running up the stairs. He heard a thud and thought it was me stomping around, NOPE, Graham climbed out of his crib. Thank God there is a gate on his door other wise he could have fallen down the stairs. I was apparently over due on taking his bumper out. Sheesh, boys are crazy!!!!!!!!!!! Here he is climbing on the dishwasher, one of his favorite activities.

Last night I decided to felt a purse I knitted months ago and haven’t used, click here to see it before. I spent about $40 on the yarn for this project and many hours knitting it and it turned out great. However, it was so floppy it either needed to be lined or felted. Being a wee bit lazy and thinking trying to felt something would be fun, I stuck it in the washer and began the felting process, the black handle and black sections felted great. The rest…………….YIKES!!!!!!!!! I am so devastated about it I could cry! I will try felting again. Next time I will make sure all the yarn is feltable. HARD LESSON LEARNED:(

Book Critique

I Know I just posted a book review on Wed., BUT…. I finished Plum Lucky yesterday.

If you are not familiar with the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich, you better get with the program. The first book in the series is called “One for the Money.” There are thirteen of the number books and three “between the number” books, she also has written a few other books which are cute too. My whole family and all of my friends that read on a regular basis, have read these books. This includes my hubby, my friend Heidi’s hubby and oldest son, even my grandma. They are a super easy, fun read.

The main character is Stephanie Plum and she is a 30 something bounty hunter in New Jersey, she gets into a lot of trouble. These books will have you laughing out loud and you’ll be sad when they are over. I read Plum Lucky in 3 days. I am rating it an 8, it was funny and super quick to read, it wasn’t my favorite though. If you are one of the few who haven’t read this series go buy One for the Money, you will not be sorry, plus you will have 15 more to look forward to. Come back and let me know what you think!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Swappin Saturday

You can probably tell I have been in a theme mood lately. So todays post is dedicated to swaps. Swapping has been a fun experience so far, I have gotten some great things and some less than desirable things. I am trying to be more selective about the swaps I choose to participate in. I am involved in a few private swap groups with members that are great swappers. Today I received my very favorite swap so far. It was a vintage swap and my partner spoiled me with stuff I LOVE!

This is all the great Vintage stuff I received from Moriah.

This is a close up of the DARLING purse she sent. Can't wait to use it!!! The one next to it is darling vintage post cards from 1910 and they have darling dogs on them.

This darling angle will be soooo cute next Christmas. This next one is the inside of the cute vintage cook book designed to please you kidos. I can't wait to look through it and see what fun ideas there are.

THIS IS SO GREAT it is going to look FAB with my other vintage pottery. LOVE IT!

Here are some swaps I have sent recently: First one I forgot to take photos of what is on the inside, OOPS. They are for one of the private swap groups I am in called five things. We are actually doing a birthday swap so these were for the months of Jan., Feb., and April-why no march you ask? Because I am the March baby so I will get 11 gifts WOO HOO!
Can you guess the theme of the next one?? Yep, hearts. The next one is skull love.

The one below was one I received from FAA Lucky Parcel group for Christmas. This was another fave, I love all the goodies.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Blog Woes

As you can see I changed my blog layout, and no it is not very fabulous. I tried for three hours to figure out how to change the stupid background on my page to something pretty, I even tried to change the HTML, which I know next to nothing about. My eyes were falling out of my head by the time I was done. I think some of the other blog sites must be more easily changed or people know how to do HTML?

I really want a pretty vintage floral in the background and some pretty font. UGGG If anyone knows anyway to change these things in blogger let me know. The basic font options are BORING! There has to be a way to do it without spending 95$ to have someone do it for me.

Enough complaining!

Things to look forward to: Tuesdays posts will include a TOP TEN- each week it will be a different theme. I will also be adding the new items I list on my eBay sight in a post next week. I'm sure there will also be some Estate/Yard Sale items to list as well. There will also be another book review, which was not as popular as my Estate Sale finds. However, I love to read and hope someone tries one of the books I review and enjoys it!

There should also be good news on Chad's job front next week, we are waiting for a formal offer to arrive next week!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Book Critique Each Week

Here is a fun new weekly topic for all you book lovers out there. I am an avid reader and decided to chat about the books I have read recently and maybe even some favorites from the past. I read fiction, I especially love historical fiction. I read a wide range of authors from Janet Evanovich to Nelson Demille. Reading is for enjoyment so I tend not to choose books that require to much deep thinking. I will also review some craft books I have purchased lately.

This week I am going to talk about two different books that I just finished reading. The first is called- At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks and the second is a garage sale find-Amethyst Dreams-by Phyllis A. Whitney. I have read a few of Nicholas Sparks books but have never read anything by Phyllis A. Whitney.

I will rate each book on a scale from 1-10, one being: I read the whole book but it was torture and ten being: I LOVED it and you HAVE to read it right away and I was sad the book was over!!! five being- It was a quick easy read. If you have read any of the books I am critiquing, please leave a comment with your rating of the book. It's fun to see what other people think:)

At First Sight was a sequel to True Believer which I read a year or so ago. I bought First Sight not realizing it was the sequel, silly me. Even though it is a sequel, you can read this book without having read the first one. This book is set in a small small town in North Carolina called Boone Creek, not sure if this town actually exists. It was about a guy from New York who moved to this small town to be with a woman he fell in love with only six short weeks ago, who he got pregnant. He struggles to fit in and they go through the normal getting use to being a couple struggles, they get married and eventually the baby is born. I enjoy Nicholas Sparks writing style, he keeps your attention and doesn't go on and on with one description after another about the beauty of a tree or a flower or the sunset. Now don't get me wrong, I like descriptive writing, but when the description takes up paragraphs or pages, I tend to loose interest. However most of his books end happy there always seems to be a really sad part, yep this one has a sad part too. The book was an enjoyable enough read, however I will have to rate it a 6.

Let's talk about Amethyst Dreams, I have never read a book by Phyllis A. Whitney much less heard of this author. This book was copy write 1998 so not sure if she is still writing? She has written a lot of books and I would read her books again. Even though this book was written in 98, it was not dated, which was nice. Looking at the cover-I know I know don't judge a book by it's cover- you would think this was a silly romance novel. Much to my surprise it was a mystery set also in North Carolina on Top Sail Island which actually exists. A 30ish year old woman goes missing from her family home where she lives with her grandpa, so the grandpa flys in her best friend from college who lives in CA. The best friend is having marital problems and uses the trip to regroup and help solve the mystery. This was a quick read which I will rate a 7.

I just bought Plum Lucky, it came out on Tuesday, it is a Janet Evanovich between the numbers book. Can't wait to start it tonight.

Check back for next weeks book review. Maybe it will be about Plum Lucky!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Estate Sale -A -Thon

Friday night I set my alarm for 7:30am as there were SIX estate sales in the paper and the first one opened at 8:00am. Saturday was sunny and crisp and I jumped in the car and hurried to the first sale. I apparently was not the only person in Napa who was having estate sale withdrawls, there were mobs of people at each sale I went to and I kept seeing the same people over and over again. The first sale was great, I spent a whole $6.75 and got a ton of great stuff. The second and fourth sales were terrible and got nothing. The third was good and i spent $7.50. The fifth I spent 50cents and the sixth I spent another 6$.

The first two photos were from the one sale I went to during the later part of December. I got these darling little spring hats for a quarter, can't wait to decorate with them for Easter. I also got some vintage ornaments for a dollar. The second photo is of the vintage games I got, they were a quarter a piece, they are all from the 40's and 50's.

The photos from here down are from my Saturday trip.
These vintage dish towels were a quarter a piece!

These aprons were a quarter a piece also. This one is going to be laundered and go to my booth.

As yu can see these five green glasses were $1.50, I have washed these and they are now in my cupboard.

These vintage necklaces were a quarter a piece.

These seven glasses were $1.50 for the set and are now in my booth.

This one was a quarter and also went to the antique booth.
This was a quarter also, may have to keep it .

This was a dollar, not sure if it works, if it doesn't I will use it in jewelry making.

This was a freebie.

This may be my favorite find, it was $2.00, it needs a good cleaning, but I LOVE the pink velvet and there is a ton of compartments for the piles of jewelry on my vanity.

Vintage tupperware butter dish, yep this one is staying with me!!!

This vase thingy was a dollar and is now at my booth!

These little cuties were hard not to keep, they were 50 cents and are also at my booth.

This cute vintage pin was 25 cents and for the moment I am keeping it.

This darling vintage Fenton rose vase was a dollar also hard not to keep, however it had to go to the booth, a person can only have so much stuff in their house:)

Box of thread and misc sewing stuff $2.00. Obviously keeping this. Yes, those are my fat toes in the photo.

Cute tiny vintage ornaments 25cents, seemed to be the magic price for the day:)

Huge bucket of vintage ornaments and other small assorted Christmas stuff, $2.00. I didnt really want the bucket, but it came with the ornaments!

Neeto vintage Santa light bulb, part of the $2.00 deal!

Cute paper santa decoration, also part of the $2.00 deal!

This was a dollar and the lady who was running the estate sale said it is a vintage glove box, seems weird to me? If anyone knows it's true original purpose let me know. I am going to store sewing stuff in it.

This cute vintage milk glass candy dish was 50cents, not sure what I am going to do with it, I have a ton of candy dishes. we'll see..

This was my other favorite find, I think it may have been a hand towel holder, but not sure. I came up with a different use for it and I love it. It was $2.00.

Wait, these are a favorite too, may hang them in Gwen's room, they were a dollar each.

I got this item some time ago and just thought I would share how I use it. I bought the metal holder at an antique store I think. It had no glasses with it, so I went to the salvation army and bought six-25cent mis matched glasses and put them in it. Some where along the line I threw some votives in them and now I change the color to match the holiday. Red for V-day. It looks really pretty at night and seems pretty safe, however it is kind of a pain to get the candles out when they get low.
Hope you enjoyed my fab finds, it was great to be on the hunt again and my booth needed some new stuff!