Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Top Ten

The top ten for this week is a double feature: Top ten things I will miss about CA and Top Ten things I will Like about living in NC.

1. I will miss my family and all of our family gatherings:(
2. I will miss all of my wonderful friends. All my friends from Jr high and high school, all the moms from the girl's school, all the moms from my old play group, Dance friends & my weekly coffee girls.
3. San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge & the Pacific OCEAN. Watching the sun set over the pacific:(
4. Toilet Seat Covers- weird I know, but 99% of all public restrooms here have them. In NC, I only found one bathroom that had them.
5. NO smoking in restaurants and Bars, You don't realize how nice this is until you have to go sit in a non smoking section where you still breathe and smell like smoke!!!!
6. The wonderful dining we have here. I will miss soooo many of them:(
7. The beautiful rolling hills of CA, the beauty of the Napa Valley and the vines. I will miss wine tasting, it is soooo fun
8. Disneyland- I love it, it is a magical place and i have been there at least 15 times in my life. I know we will be close to Disney world, there will not be the memories there!
9. Being within a close proximity to Chad's family.
10. Being a California Girl- This will probably take awhile to go away as I have been one my whole life:)

1. NO TRAFFIC- the highways are laid out so much better there.
2. More Laid Back Life Style- it will be nice to stop and smell the roses for a change.
3. Brick Houses- They are so charming and abundant in NC, Not very many in CA due to earth Quakes.
4.The Atlantic Ocean, I have heard the beaches in NC are great, can't wait!
5. Super Friendly People- The people there are so much more friendly and open.
6. Being on the east coast and close proximity to a lot of history.
7. A less expensive cost of living, that will be nice!
8. Schooling- the school system there is one of the top rated in the country.
9. Hobby Lobby- A craft store we do not have in CA that is supposedly awesome!
10. I am running out of things, because I was only there for a weekend~ Maybe I will think of more later today!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm Back

We got back from NC Monday evening, to sick kids and being sick myself. My poor sister had Graham and he got really really bad! He has never spent the night away from me, matter of fact he's never been away from us for more than a couple of hours! I had to drop him off Thursday night because my flight left at 7 am Friday morning and I was staying the night in San Francisco with my friend Melissa so I didn't have to get up at 4am to get to the airport. Graham was excited to see his cousin and he was fine other than a clear runny nose. He went to daycare with Eli on Friday, so he had a lot of scary things going on. No Dad, No sisters, NO MOMMY, now his auntie leaves him with some lady and a couple other kids. He did fine, however the day care lady did ask if his mom was a "stay at Home mom". What exactly does that mean???? I thought being a stay at home mom is a good thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyhoo, Uncle Gabe picked him up and all the boys went home, and once again he didn't sleep, I think he may have started to cough at the point. To make a long story short, he progressively got worse and my sis calls us at 6am CA time and tells us little G is really really sick and we need to come home. And of course there is the 3 hour time difference and the flights are all ready gone. I told her to take him to the ER, which she did. Poor little dude had a double ear infection, a fever, had to have a cortisone shot, and a breathing treatment because his throat was so swollen from the croup. He finally slept that night after getting some relief. Now my poor sister and Eli and Gabe are all sick:(

NC was good, we found a couple of homes we really like and we are trying to wheel and deal right now. I was bad, I didn't take any photos, we were too busy driving around looking at homes in many different areas. I wanted to do a top ten yesterday based on ten things I will miss about CA and 10 things I like about NC. Maybe it will be Thursday top ten this week. I also finished another book, maybe that will be for Friday!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Book Critique

I just finished Innocent in Death by JD Robb, which is actually Nora Roberts pen name. This is the 23rd book in the series, I have read all of them so far. There is one more in the series which I am reading now so I can give them back to my friends mom before we move. This series is very different from Nora Roberts normal style of writing. They are set in the future 2050 something like that, and normally I don't like futuristic stuff. This series is well done, and the characters are entertaining and there is a bit of love and romance in each one. This series is a murder mystery type. I enjoyed this book and will rate it a 8. I would recommend reading the whole series so you can become familiar with the characters.

Sorry this post is so short, am trying to get ready for the flight to NC Friday AM. Hope we find a great home!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday Top Ten + A finished project

This weeks top ten is......... The blogs I Love to read.
I think blogs are such a great way to connect with people, and keep in touch with people who are far away. I have decided everyone should have one, especially all my friends and family so I can see what you are all up to when I am FAR FAR away.

If you are not on my top ten, it doesn't mean I don't read & love your blog. I chose blogs that I read religiously and that are updated regularly.

1. Vacuuming in high heels & Pearls- Heidi and I have so much in common, she loves thrifting, vintage, crafts and home decor, among other things. Her blog is always fun to read!

2. Monkey Box-Shara also loves the thrill of the hunt for vintage goodies and she always manages to score some really FAB stuff. She too, is a crafter and makes lovely things.

3. Daily Relish- This blog is especially dear to my heart, the author Maile, is one of my friends from High School. Her photography is soooooooooo amazing, and her blog entries are always a joy to read.

4.Bluhm Studios- Heather is a very creative gal, she makes lovely things and Loves vintage also. She is also designing my new blog and web store graphics, so exciting.

5. Landon Sanchez- Another blog that is dear to my heart. This blog is about my friend Melissa's son Landon, he is almost a year and she has lovingly chronicled his first year. We have been friends since JR. High.:)

6.Folded Gingham- I just recently found this blog and I love Tiff's rustic charming decorating. She is also a very craft gal!

7.Sadie Lou Who- Another crafty, vintagey blog. This is also new to my reading list. Her blog is lovely and interesting!

8. Misadventures of Mama and Jack- Sarah is a very craft girl, she is always making something fab. Her stories are entertaining and she has a great sense of style.

9.From My Cherry Heart- Yet another Fab crafter & thrifter. Lovely Blog!

10. North Threads- Yet another wonderful crafty gal, with a cute blog and great sewing skills!

I finally finished this bag I started months ago. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out, and I sure will look cute walking through the airport with it! Yippeee for me! Notice the polka dot lining, what don't polka dots look good with~

Monday Madness-and 1 Vintage find

Today was a crazy day, I spent the whole day looking for paperwork for our mortgage broker. The unfortunate part was Chad being the man that he is packed up and buried all my file boxes. I literally spent an hour in the garage moving boxes just so I could get to what I needed. I still didn't find it all, so tomorrow I will have to hunt some more! I being the crazy person I am had three other kids here. I have a problem saying no, I did tell the mom's this is the last week I can watch your kidos, it was hard because I love the kids and the mom's are my good friends. I also spent an hour on the phone with STUPID EMC mortgage fighting with them about our rental property. I have been trying to finish this DARLING bag I am making for my self and I got all the way done except I don't have the right size grommet setter, so off to the fabric store for me tomorrow as if I don't have enough to do. I want to use this cute bag for my carry on for my trip to NC this weekend. The official house hunting weekend.

I did get one exciting piece of news, one of my very dearest friends is expecting a baby. They were trying and told no one, so it was a big surprise, I am sooooo excited for them, but sooooo SAD for me, I will miss the whole thing:(

This weekend was spent working around the house, I did sneak out to a couple of estate sales, mostly they were OP(over Priced), but I did snag these super cute vintage metal chairs. Graham is testing them out. I hope I have a porch or a sun room to put these on:)
I was MIA for the weekend, hopefully I can keep on track until I leave Friday!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Meet Rosey

Night 4 of Hub being gone was "THE WORST", poor Graham was up all night miserable, he finally slept for a couple of hours around 5am. Needless to say, I am sooooooooooooooo tired and will be going to bed as soon as I am done with this post. I dropped the girls off today and now it is just me and the little man until Sunday, I better get a lot done tomorrow. Tonight I watched a movie and knitted. Tomorrow I will be a packing fool.

Here are a couple photos of my new girl. I decided to name her Rosey as she will be the mascot for Rosey Little Things. She came in her dress, which is pretty cute, however I can't wait to make her some out of vintage fabric. I made her the darling little hat she is wearing, I may carry these in the new store once it is up. This was her first quick photo session, which I did at night so the lighting isn't the best. For those of you who don't know, she is a Blythe Doll.
OFF to Bed!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Not much to post about today. Day 4 of hubby being gone, no major disasters, not much to post about. Oooh wait, I got a Blythe Doll, and she came today. I can't wait to make her some cute clothes and take some photos. You probably think I am crazy, but they are all the rage right now and I think they are adorable.

My girls wrote me really sweet Valentine notes telling me they are my Valentines since Daddy is gone. They were sweet. Tomorrow I am taking the girls to my friend Meegan's house, she lives about an hour away. We are meeting in the middle for a Last lunch and then she is taking the girls with her until Sunday. Her girls are the same age as mine and they have been friends since Gwen was 8 Months old. So I get a break, Yikes I might actually have to get to work and accomplish something. The house is going to seem even more quiet and lonely.

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day, and maybe I will have something of interest to talk about tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Good Mail

Today was a better day... Graham's fever broke, both girls went to school, and no escaping dogs. I did have to deal with two more moving estimators, each one takes about an hour, seesh, I am done with that now. Tonight was Bunco, my last Bunco, I even won $45.00 Yippeeee! It was good to say goodbye to the girls, we have been playing together for the last 5 years.

On to the good mail as I am tired.

Swap received for the just for you Fat Quarter Swap. Such a lovely package!

Isn't this cute!

This little heart came in the swap package below , I love it!

Look at all the fun goodies!

Heart for crafting swap received, so fun!

The Valentine recepticals we made the other night.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Swaps and Stuff

Day two of hubby being gone has been about what you could expect, it actually started at 2am with Graham's fever spiking to 102.9. And the fun begins. As all you parents out there know, when your 13 month old gets a high fever in the middle of the night, you get no sleep. I woke the girls up at the usual 6:30am. A few minutes later Gwen comes into my room crying that her tummy hurts. This tummy ache has been off and on for about for about the lat two weeks without any other symptoms. I called the Dr. last week and she and I seemed to agree, that she is probably just nervous about the move?! So she stayed home today!
Then a moving company showed up to give us our second of three estimates for Chad's company. Each estimate takes about an hour, so while I am walking this man through the house with a sick baby on my hip, he decides to poop. So I had to excuse myself and run upstairs to change little dudes diaper.
Oh wait I forgot that the dogs are sneaky little buggers and like to find ways into the neighbors yard, and right through their doggy door and into their house. It is sort of the what the neighbors get, we replaced the other fence and asked if they wanted to replace the fence on their side and we would split the cost. Nope they say, lets wait until it really needs it, and they are rolling in it, sheesh maybe that is why they are rolling in it. My dogs are 40ish lbs dogs, they are a sheltie and a border collie, could you imagine two medium dirty dogs that don't belong to you just popping into your house, it is sort of a funny thought. Ok, to make a long story short, the neighbor came over yesterday and said they were in her yard, and she fixed the fence, so I went over and got them. This am they were MIA so I called them and they finally came from the neighbors yard, so I had to find something to block the fence (that she had supposedly fixed), I found a board and hope it will last for awhile.

The rest of the afternoon was smooth. This evening the girls and I packed four boxes out of their rooms which was great, then it was time to read, bathe and then watch Idol. So I come down stairs to work on laundry and dishes so I can relax and watch Idol with them, and they decide to try to kill each other for about 30 minutes straight. It finally ended with me YELLING and both girls crying and no idol until tomorrow for them!

The girls have been in bed for about an hour and Gabby just came down and said her throat is killing her, UGGGG. Some Tylenol Cold in her and off she goes.
Can someone please tell me why all hell breaks loose when Hubby leaves?

Now on to the Swaps...

This was what I received for the handmade for you swap. I love the vintage pillow cases! Gabby stole the handmade bag, she loves it!

I sent this for the Colorific Swap for Blissful mama. Hope she likes it!

I sent this for the Heart for crafting swap, I also decorated the top. It was a fun swap to put together.

The photo doesn't do these justice, I made these for the 5 Things color combo swap. They are pink and red broaches.

I made this for the CDV valentine themed swap, not sure where the photos are for the rest of the stuff I sent??
I have one more swap that I am trying to get out in the next week, it is not due until March 5th-the day before my B-DAY, But I am almost done with it and need to get it off my to-do list.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Tuesday Top Ten + Moving Update

Top ten for this week is...... My Favorite Beauty Products
They are so worth the cost!
Most of these can be found on
10. Jaqua Lotions and bath products in the Butter cream scent, you smell good enough to eat!
9. Body glitter by Urban Decay- in cocoa flavor, not only do you sparkle, but you taste and smell yummy
8. Go smile-Teeth whitening system, it works really well and doesn't make your teeth sensitive, I do like crest white strips for a less expensive alternative.
7.Aquage hair spray aerosol, it smells nice and has good hold but doesn't make your hair stiff.
6. Bare Esscentuals-Bare minerals foundation, covers well and makes your skin glow. My other fav of theirs is their glimmer eye shadows. The one I use every day is Queen phyllis, it is a great highlighter.
5. Eyeliner-Lava Gloss by Too Faced. I have brown and black, it glides on sooo easily and comes with a great sharpener.
4. Foundation Brush- by Paula Dorf. Can't live without it.
3.Este Lauder Matt Toner- It controls oil so well. Which is a huge prob for me STILL.
2. Unite hair care products- Boing- it is meant for curly hair but helps for a fab blow out, I love the orange conditioner, and the purple shampoo for blondes is great too. I also Love Icon the cure leave in conditioner and their replenishing cream.
1. Hot Rollers- Need I say more. Ok I will, you can put them in quickly and do your makeup while they cool down, pull them out and Lovely hair for you.
I am always looking for a great new product, so if you have tried a good one let me know!

On to the fun Moving updates.
Chad had his first day of work today, he said everyone came and welcomed him, very nice and friendly. Day one of two weeks alone with the children went well, wish me luck for the rest of the time. We got four whole boxes packed, yikes, I need to step it up a notch. I closed my eBay store, everything is getting packed, I can't worry about having to ship things out to buyers, plus my new site is being created, can't wait to get settled and get to the new site!!

These first two photos are of everything we have packed so far, we did get the garage packed and quite a bit from inside. The crazy part is there is still so much left to pack, as you will see from the rest of the photos. Wish me luck! Graham was asleep when I took these, so there are none of his room.

Gabby's Room

Our Room

Downstairs Bath

Girl's Bathroom.

Our closet-Chad packed most of his stuff all ready!

Under the Stair Closet- This is where the four boxes came from.

Family Room

Dinning Room

Living Room- I have to get the Ladder out to get that stuff down-UGG
Gwen's Room
Kitchen-World's Smallest!

Family Room

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Estate Sale Finds

I know I am crazy and should not be out there looking for stuff, when I have a house full of STUFF left to pack. I just can't help myself. I mostly didn't leave the house all week, Chad and I were frantically packing, cleaning and getting the house ready. We had potential buyers walking through yesterday, so we really had to spruce it up. Chad left today for NC for two weeks.:( Which leaves me with 3 kids and 2 dog to take care of, yikes, I will be insane by the end of the two weeks. Today I went to a couple of estate sales too.
The first one Gwen Graham and I went to this am, was in a not so great area, so I didn't have high hopes. We got a few things.

I got these knitting books for a dollar each, which is a great deal, because most hard back books like these are at least 10$. The best part is they are new and current books. I looked through them when I got home and they have some fun things I want to make.

I also got this white vase, not sure if I am keeping it or if I will sell it, I am going to make that decision once we get to NC. I guess that means I will wash it and pack it up.

I also got this yarn for a dollar, it is really nice thick bulky yarn, I got it for the girls. They have discovered if they use the size 35 needles, they can knit up a scarf in a few hours. They both started scarfs tonight, I will have to take a photo when they are done:)

A side note: I am so happy, I taught Gabby's whole 5th grade class to knit pot holders for Christmas presents for their parents. IT was a nightmare trying to teach 35 kids to knit. The happy part is after many weeks of working with the kids, a good portion of the class is now knitting during their free time in class. It was worth the headache.

Yesterday the buyers were set to arrive at my house at 12:30. I had to take the girls to baton lessons at 11:30, so I left at 11:20 to take them, dropped them of and snuck quickly to two Sales. Today I went back to one of the sales and this is what I got.

Vintage Christmas Tree Topper.

Vintage dress, $1.50, I got it because it was cheap and the fabric is nice. I thought I can make something cute(A BAG) out of this. I tried it on and I may just have to wear it. The girls though it was cute!!

There was a whole box of vintage patterns, I picked through them and this is what I got. Some are marked with the date and most seem to be from the late 50's and 60's. I have not checked to see if all the pieces are there, but I may just have to make myself a cute dress.

I spied this yesterday and didn't grab it because I was in such a hurry. It is a vintage wool blanket, I love it! Anyone know how to care for this type of blanket??

This is a darling pillow cover, not sure if I will keep or sell it either, I really love it, so we'll see. Who knows what the new house will need!

I couldn't pass up this cute rose plate for 10cents.

This one wasn't 10 cents, but I love the colors and there are no chips. Not sure of it's fate either, for now it gets packed.

This is the begining of yesterdays finds from the same sale.

I LOVEEEEE these vintage paper napkins, have no idea what I will do with them, maybe frame one? I could never use them.

More vintage paper napkins, they are pretty too, but not nearly as FAB.

Two enamale ware pans, will be selling these. I love red, but doesn't go in my kitchen, unless I change my colors, which I have been thinking about.

Two darling PINK plastic containers, love the rose on the dark pink one. I am sooo keeping these!

Another cute pattern.

I love these vintage towels, I have a bunch and they are the best and cute too!

This was my big score of the day, it is in perfect shape and it is PINK, it was marked $1.50. I thought for sure they would tell me it was mis marked when I checked out, because the take says long-something, not chenielle bed spread. The checkout lady was so frantic she only charged me $1.50, YIPPEEEEE. I LOVE it sooooo much!

Another milk glass vase.

The top of the dark pink container, it has a rose on it!!

I have not seen one of these before,I have a few pieces of this pyrex, may have to keep it.

Like I really needed more shiny brites, these are for sure being sold later this year. The boxes are in excellent condition. Too cute.

The first sale I went to yesterday only really had ugly furniture, but I did find this fun math book. It is a golden book. It has cute graphics. Gwen snatched it right up, she loves Math, crazy kid.

Stay tuned for the next post, I must show you my garage full of packed boxes and my house still full of stuff.