Monday, March 31, 2008


First off, look at the March 3rd post I had saved it and finally posted it and I thought it would be at the top, nope, it is in date order! It is a tribute to all my lovely friends and Family in CA!

Now on to the topic at hand: Thursday of last week was free clinic day at the petsmart vet, which meant there were no office visit fees( I saved 125$, Not sure if it was worth it). So the kids, the two dogs and the NEW Kitten COCO all piled in the car to go to the vet. WOW, what a horrific, hideous, horrendous experience, I would not wish it on anyone. I wish I had had my camera to document the experience, because we had to look funny. Picture this..... Me pushing Graham in the stroller while holding Ruby's leash, Gwen caring her new kitten in a PINK cat carrier, Gabby walking CJ on his leash, I'm sure people thought I was CRAZY!!! We get inside and there is one lady and she has her cat in a carrier, all the rooms are full due to the clinic, so we wait about 30 minutes to get into a room. We all SQUISH into this TINY little room, where we wait another 30 minutes for the assistant to come talk to us and get history of the pets etc. The girls are starting to fight and be wiggly, Graham was getting super fussy, Ruby is whining and acting like a freakazoid, CJ as usual is just chillin. The Vet finally came in after we had been there for about and hour and a half and at this point the girls are being total brats to each other, Ruby is still being a freak and Graham has started to throw a tantrum. When this kid starts to scream, it is LOUD, I mean really LOUD, my sister can attest to this since she dealt with him while he was really sick. Meanwhile the vet is giving the dogs their shots and then it is time to examine the kitten just to make sure she is healthy. The Dr, is trying to talk to me over the screaming child and whining dog and all the other craziness. She says, WOW, this kitten is great, she is purring through all of this, and I said, "Apparently she is meant to live in our crazy house." So after and hour and 45min we go out into the lobby to pay and the girl behind the counter can not get the computer to work right and no one has stopped acting crazy~! While we are waiting to pay the other lady came out and says" my poor cat was climbing the walls" and I said" was it because of all the screaming?" She said yes in a not very nice way, clearly she has never tried to take 3 creatures and 3 kids to the VET, maybe she has no kids?? We finally got out of there after 2 HOURS, I called Chad when we got in the car and said "I need a bucket of Margaritas!"

Here is miss Gwen and COCO!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Southern Hospitality

After we got the new car, the rest of our journey was smooth, thank goodness.
We finally arrived Monday evening, to our great big empty house. We slept on the floor for three nights until our stuff finally arrived! It was so nice to sleep in my own bed again!!!!
Our new neighbors are FABULOUS. In true southern fashion, we have received a welcome basket of goodies, a fruit basket, a plate of cookies and a chicken pie. People here in NC are very friendly, everyone waves hello as you drive through the neighbor hood, weather you know them or not.
Now that we have internet again, I will try to get back to regular posts, I have some great photos of me and all my wonderful friends that I need to post, and as promised some house photos will be coming soon!


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Greetings From the Never Ending Road Trip

The movers came on Tuesday and loaded all our stuff into a 53 foot truck, of which our stuff took up 3/4 of. Chad was horrified that we took up that much space:0 We left Shoreline Dr. at 10 to to go pick up our pooches at the groomer and to get the trailer to tow Chad's car. We finally got out of Napa at about 6pm, which was about three hours past when we had hoped to leave. My good friend Tiffanie came and waved bye to us as we left and she made us a travel gift basket, whit letters to each of us, snacks and candy and books for the kids and even treats for the dogs. We have worked our way through most of the basket by now, this was a great gift for anyone traveling by car. On to the photos!

My little Graham packing for the trip!

You have to really look at this one closely to see what my silly Hubby wrote on one of my many boxes he packed. I have NO idea what is actually in this box, should be fun to open!

Here we are in the U-haul parking lot in Napa. First time towing something with my car.

My kidos and pooches in the car ready for the big adventure!

One last photo of the hills on the way out of Napa.
Gabby, Gwen, Ruby and CJ all cozy on the bed!

The first night we made it to Bakersfield CA, which is not one of the best parts of CA! We got up Wed. Am and went to good ol' Denny's for Brunch, then off to Wal-mart we went for some Dog food. What should have been a quick stop turned into a FIVE hour Sit in the lovely wal-mart parking lot. Basically, the kids and I sat in the car while Chad ran in and we decided we needed air, so we ran the AC while the car was off and we killed the battery. We had 4 different people try to jump us, chad bought a portable charger and finally FIVE stupid, Hideous, Horrid hours later Miguele came and jumped us with a professional thingy. 100$ and 15 minutes later our car was running, so off we went at 5:40 once again.

This is poor Graham asleep in his stroller in the Wal-Mart parking lot. We were there so long I felt like we might have to move in to wal-mart. There were 27 Cameras on top of wal-mart, yep, I counted them! Off to Lake Havasu AZ. We made it there for our second night and it is always a trick finding a dog friendly hotel, but we did.

Here we are in front of the Famous London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, this is basically the only fun thing we have done the WHOLE trip.

The fam walking along the trail in Lake Havasu AZ.

We didn't make it very far, my car was overheating on the way to AZ, so chad checked it out before we left thurs. AM and we were our of coolant, so he filled it up and off we went. No good luck for us, it started over heating right away again. So we stopped in kingman AZ at the Lincoln dealership. Here the Fam sits in the dealership waiting to find out what the HECK is wrong with my car. By the way we arrived at the dealership about 1pm ish and we finally left at 8pm. There was a hole in the radiator. While we were waiting for the car to get fixed Gab and I snuck out to look at the cars, and they happend to have a nice Pearly white 05 Navigator, which is 5 years newer than the Green Navigator. Yep, we bought it and I LOVE it!!!! We were at the dealership so long we had to sponge bath the kids in the bathroom before we left to freshen them up, which once again was making me feel a little homeless. Don't forget we have a super wiggly one year old and 2 DOGS! Yikes We ended up staying that night in Flagstaff AZ, we though we might never make it out of the state.

Here we are Fri am in yet another Wal-mart parking lot. That is my pretty new car, Chad thiks we look a little dorky with two white cars, OH WELL! This stop ended up taking 40 minutes because the dogs knocked over the cooler while we were inside and spilled H2O on the floor so we had to soak it all up before we could leave. We ended up driving all the way through New Mexico, Texas and we stopped for the night in some small city just over the border in Oaklahoma. We had planned on staying in Amarillo TX but they were all booked up due to some stupid basketball tournament.

This afternoon we stopped in at the Pig Out Palace to use the potty and stretch out legs, so here are the kids with the cute pigs they had out front.

Good night from Little Rock Arkansas!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Packing Break

I am taking a break from packing so I thought I would update my neglected little blog! If you didn't read the last post, we are moving NEXT Tuesday. Obviously we found a house. It is in Jamestown NC. Being the CA girl that I am, I LOVE that this house is brick. For those of you Non Californians who see the brick homes all the time, you have to understand they are very few in CA due to Earth Quakes. This house was built in 1974 the same year as me:) I stole a photo off the real estate listing of the front of the house. The property is over half an acre and a lot of that is grass. Which means Hubby may have to give up the ol' electric lawn mower and trade up for a riding one, or it might take all day just to mow the lawns. We have a lot of work to do on the inside, a lot of painting, and some updating. It will take us awhile to do as the house is 3800 sq feet and all the walls are white. I am really excited to have a bigger kitchen!!! As we complete projects, I will post before and after photos. I am excited about the great potential this home has and can't wait to get my hands on it! Tomorrow is my birthday and my friends Annie, Heidi and Donna are bringing me birthday breakfast and helping me pack, it should be fun and productive!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

We have a move date

Just a quick post to let you know we are moving ONE WEEK from TODAY! YIKES. I have so much to blog about but no time, so It may be a bit before I am back with new info! We got a house and I will have some great before and after photos. Back to packing!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Good Friends & Family

I finally had a few minutes to upload a lot of the photos I took with friends and family before we left CA! I don't have one of my vintage girls because Miss Heidi hasn't emailed it to me yet!
I miss you all and hope you will come visit SOON!

Me and Lori

Me and Meegs

Me, Aunt Lori, Mommy, Sister and Papa

Me and Jenny Karbo, we have been friends since 8th grade!!!

Jenny L and baby Emma, Nancy, Melissa and me at the park in Sonoma CA. We have all been friends since Jr High also.

Henry, Landon and Graham at the park in Sonoma CA.

Uncle Gabe and Gabby!

Wendy and Gabby. I have been friends with Wendy since 7th Grade and she is coming to stay for two weeks in may! YIPPEEEE

My adopted Napa family- Grammy, Karen, Jenny M, and Wendy. We have been friends for the last 7 years.

Jenny and me.

Me and Wendy M.

Karen and Me.

Grammy and me.

Moms from the girls school. Top left Heidi, Me, Sarah, Amy, Jackie and Nancy.

Amy and I.
Heidi and I.
Me and my SIS!
Sarah and I.
Nancy and I.
Jackie and I.
Tiffanie and I.
Me and Molly!
Me and Megan.
Me and Kelly.
Me and Kellie
All my friends from dance class, poor gina got cut off!
Me and Lisa!
Andrea and I!