Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hubby's New Toy

This may not be that exciting to all of you junkers and crafters out there, but I am posting this for fun! We have over a half acre parcel and most of it is grass. Last week hubby tried to mow it with his electric mower, it took him three hours to mow one tiny section. I'm sure the neighbors who all have riding mowers though"look at that idiot from CA with his silly electric mower." SO we lucked out and one of Chad's coworkers neighbors had a couple year old one for sale. So we now have a riding mower, it still took him a good portion of a day to mow the yard! So here he is....

I am standing in the driveway while taking these photos, so you can see across the street from our house is a pretty forest. We see Cardinals, chipmunks, squirrels, a nest with a mama bird and her babies, so much nature!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Book Critique

I know it is Tuesday, but I don't have a good top ten. So we will talk about the books I have read instead. Before we moved I read Shopaholic ties the Knot by Sophie Kinsella. This is the 3rd or 4th in the series, there are two I still have not read. You may find this hard to believe, unless you know him, but Chad has read all of them up to this point as well. Yep, my husband reads CHICK books:) I relate to the character in this book, she is goofy and LOVES to shop. However, this was my least favorite book so far. It was still funny and cute, but they dragged out some stuff way too long. I will rate it and (8).

Next book I read was Queen of Swords by Sara Donati. This was the 4th or 5th of the series. These books are sooooo wonderful, and are best if read in order as there are a lot of characters. This series is historical fiction set in the 1800's in New York, however this one was set in New Orleans. If you love historical fiction and want a really super read, order the first one. It takes her about two years to write each one, so patience is required once you have read them all, but so worth the wait. I have lent them to many friends and family and everyone who has read them LOVES them. This one was equally good, and I will give it a 10.

I also read one of JD Robbs (______ IN DEATH) who is actually Nora Roberts, however this is not her normal style of writing, I have read them in order and there are like 30 of them, so I can't remember the exact title. I have Creation in death to read next. This is a great series, there are a ton of them, they are mysteries. They are set in 2050 and are a little futuristic, which I normally don't like, but it is Incorporated nicely in this series. Overall they get an 8.

I just finished Naughty Neighbor by Janet Evanovich, this is now being read by the Hubby man. This was a super quick, light hearted read, great for a vacation or if you have a weekend to sit and read. It was cute and funny as all her books are, however it was quite predictable. So it gets a 7.

Now that we are all caught up on my book reading, we can move on to other topics in the next few days.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Antique Fairs & Estate Sale,& Auctions OH MY

Friday was the Liberty, Antique Fair, so Graham and I headed out at 8:30am. As we got close to the Fair, there were multiple Yard Sales and a couple of small fields filled with dealers. Of course we stopped at them, and I got a few things. We finally got to the fair at 10:30ish and we had to park soooo far from the gate. I had to push Graham's strolled up a grassy hill and across the grassy parking lot, I was sweating by the time I got to the gate. The fair was big and there was a ton of great stuff, mostly all high prices though. I did get a few things though, Big surprise!

I got this and I LOVE it, it will be going on the guest room bed. Can't pass up beautiful rosey chenielle.

I got this doll house at one of the sales along the way, it was 2$. I remember reading on a blog that the blog owner used these for something cute. can't remember which blog or what it was used for??? But it is cute, so I may use it in the sewing room.

I got this quilt(which is soaking), at one of the sales along the way and the price was good. Then when I got to the fair, just about every both had quilts. I wanted them all. I really didn't need another quilt, but I can't seem to resist them!

I got these pretty dishes along the way. The cream one on the left was a dollar because it has a lot of crazing. I seem to be drawn to this shape, because I think I have about 5 others like this. The light pink one in the middle is pink milk glass, I paid 13$ for it, but I LOVE LOVE it. The dark pink one on the right was a buck also.

These I got along the way also, they will be good for storage in the sewing room. They were a dollar also and they are a pretty peachy pink.

Yep, another quilt. YIKES
This one was only 5$ because it is very thread bare, but the colors are lovely.

I also got an enamel table along the way, which I will post later after I get it cleaned up. Graham was pretty good, however it was 80 degrees out and I was pushing him over lumpy grassy fields until 2pm. The little stinker stayed awake the WHOLE time:( He finally fell asleep on the way back to the car. SHEESH

Today my neighbor Robin and I went junking. We hit about 5 hideous garage sales and were getting a little discouraged. So we decided to drive about 20 minutes out of town to an estate sale. It was way out in the country, and we got to poke around in the barns. I got the green vintage umbrella, the drying rack and clothes pin holder, the stool, the picture and some other misc things. Then we headed to an auction, it was my first and it was fun! I got the super cute umbrella for 2$, the matching chair for 2$ the white metal rack and a black one(NOT SHOWN) 2$, the clothes pin holder and a couple of tins and an aluminum vtg. ice cube tray for 2$ AND the formica table for 2$. So I have bought THREE tables since I have been here. WHO DOES THIS! Now I need some chairs to go with.
I cant wait to take my chair and umbrella to the beach or a game. SOOO cute, comfy too. Robin and I had a good time, people at the auction were asking me if it was my first auction.:)
BTW- Robin took this pic in my driveway, don't you love my red azaleas!

I got these at the estate sale and they gave them to me for FREE. I happen to LOVE them. I may have to duplicate the fabric one.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hair And Grahams Room Photos

If you read yesterdays post regarding my HAIR, you will see from the photo that I am still a brunette! SHEESH!!! It is lighter but still no where near the color I want, I so wish I would have had time to see Margaret before I left CA, she would have been able to get me blond!
Here is Mr Grahams room! Now , you must imagine the walls(tan) and ceiling(sky Blue) painted, and his cute blue light fixture. I still need to re-work his window treatments, just not sure what I am going to do with them. I haven't gotten inspired about it! It is a whole lot bigger than his last room, he runs laps around the rug, it is too funny!
The furniture will stand out so much better against some color!
I also want a printers drawer for the wall next to the window so I can put all of his Daddy's vintage cars in it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Looking Back

I decided to look back to my New Years Resolutions to see how I am doing. I feel like I am doing ok, I joined the Y last week and Graham and I went once, I am going to go tomorrow also! Maybe next week I can go twice in one week, sheesh. IF my SON would sleep at night it would make my life so much easier. He actually slept last night so maybe we will get two nights in a row. I have lost 10 lbs since leaving CA, only 10-15 more to go!!! If you look at my list, my ebay store was on there, lets change that to my new web site. Not sure how much longer it will be, but my blog and shop will all be in one place. I am hoping it will be up and going in the next couple of weeks. I have been trying to yell less and it seems to be a little bit better. Blogging at least three times a week, I was doing really good until we moved. Now I need to get my act together and blog BLOG BLOG!

I know you are still waiting on the hair photo and new home photos. It is hard to get a photo of oneself when you are the photographer in the family. I am going to the hair dresser tonight for color correction, when I got it cut they tried to put highlights into it to go back to blond, and I looked GREY! So I went back and she toned it and I am still very much a brunette. So I decided to go to a different more upscale hair salon. The last one was a LOL shampoo and set salon, YIKES! Hopefully tonight I will be blondish and can get hubby to snap a photo.

Now to address the house photos, I may show you Graham's room even though we haven't painted yet. It is at least unpacked and I hung up pictures so it looks cuteish. We still need to paint and switch out the light fixture and I need to make window treatments. We are almost done with the stupid family room, we have been painting this ONE room since we moved in, NO it is not a huge room. It is a decent size, but it was SUPER dark paneling and there is a TON of trim to be painted and 4 doors! SHEESH I am hoping we can finish it this weekend and get started on painting the sewing room. I bought the paint yesterday, it is pretty! We had the ceilings scraped in the downstairs, unfortunately we did not do the upstairs, I really wish my sewing room had no stupid popcorn. If I could convince hubby to scrape it this weekend that would be soooooo cool! Tomorrow may be the day for some photos!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Finally Found a Decent Thrift

Last week I had been to about four different goodwills and they were mostly new stuff, which was weird to me. So, this week I decided to go out and explore, I started driving and along the road I saw a little Thrift shop. From the outside it did not look very promising, but to my delight it was. I will be going there often!!! WOO HOOO!!!

I am doing my basement in a retro 50's atomic lounge theme. So I wanted a formica table to have down there. I really wanted aqua or pink, but I found this at the thrift for 30$ and figured it will go with the aqua, pink and black theme. No i need to find some chairs!

I got these two adorable hat boxes and the man behind the counter was giving me everything for super cheap even if it was marked higher price! I asked him the best day to come back and he said Monday's as MAMA wasn't there. I will be going there tomorrow!!

I have a vintage quilt problem, I can't seem to resist them. This one is in terrible shape, but I think there is enough good pieces to use for craft projects. I got it at an antique store and I prob will not got to that one very often as his prices on everything were really HIGH. I got the cute wooden child's chair at the salvation army, which was pretty good also. It was 4.99 and I will paint it a cute color and then Graham can sit in it when he gets a little bigger.

I got all these lovely vintage pages, ad's etc at an antique store that I will be visiting often as her prices were almost thrift store prices.

I got this cute hat box at the first thrift store and it had a sticker on it that said not for sale and the man sold it to me for a dollar. I don't think MAMA will be happy once she figures it out!

Yes, I realize this is an ash tray, but it is soooooo pretty and PINK, and the nice man gave it to me for super cheap so I couldn't leave it there! Not sure what I will do with it.

Close up of the quilt!

I got these two items at an antique store in Jamestown and it was mostly OP, but this darling little mirror was only 2$. The other thing is a pin and I am going to use the flowers in some of my jewelry making!

Got this lovely vintage pottery at the super cheap antique store, it was 4$ and it is about 5 inches tall. I can't wait to add it to the collection!

This was also at the super cheap antique shop87
Got these there also, the top piece is a table cloth and the one at bottom right is a short outfit that I got for the cute fabric and the bottom left is two pillow cases.

This gold shelf was from the thrift and it is going to go in my dressing room, I am using gold accents!

These darling aprons were at the salvation army, notice the POLK A DOTS!
We went to a couple of garage sales over the weekend and they were not so good, so I was a wee bit disappointed. However this coming weekend is the Liberty antique fair, so we are going to check it out, hope we find some good stuff!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Update

Chad got home Friday after being gone all week, which was such a relief for me! So much work taking care of everything by myself. I got my hair chopped off on Thursday, it is cute and I will post a picture as soon as I get someone to take one of me! Saturday we worked on the house, more unpacking, cleaning and organizing. Chad got the basement all set up so Gabby and her two new friends could hang out down there for their sleepover.

On Sat. I went with one of my neighbors to a furniture market shop where you could only get in if you knew someone or had a badge as a designer or a buyer for a store. It was mostly lamps and art work, which were mostly not my taste, but nice and super cheap all the same. Furniture market is twice a year April and October and people come from all over the world for it. My neighbors friend also borrowed passes so we could go into the actual market and look around. It was so huge and so many FAB things, but most places had a minimum, so I got nothing. However my neighbor Robin who is a designer tells me a lot of the places stick their furniture samples out for sale or donate them to the Habitat for Humanity shop, so I am going to go peek around in High Point to see if there is anything I need. I really need a head board and foot board!!!! That is what I did while Chadarella was at home cleaning away! Sat. evening my neighbor Robin invited us over for cocktails on her porch, so we hung out there with Graham for a while. The nice thing was we could see the girls jumping on the trampoline the whole time!

Sunday we went to the "SUPER FLEA MARKET" in the Greensboro Coliseum. I dragged the whole FAM there, which was fine because it was LESS than SUPER. We got through it pretty quickly, so I didn't have to kill and kids:) We bought a really great mirror, and two framed pictures and I got two homer laughlin plates that I love. I looked on ebay and I could probably make up a set as I go. Sunday night the crazyness began. I was unpacking pictures so we can decide where to hang things and where we need to purchase things. While I was knee deep in that Chad says"Jennifer, can you come here, I need your help" He was outside! I went outside and he pointed down on the ground by the garage door and said "what is that"? My house is in the woods, we have no street lights and no side walks, so it was a bit dark and hard to see. It was a baby bunny, he moved the trash can and he heard a horrid scream, I think he ran it over because it wasn't moving. So he hollered inside for Gabby to bring me a box and some gloves. While we were waiting for her we noticed this huge owl sitting in our tree waiting to get the poor LITTLE bunny. Gabby came out with the box and gloves and was freaking out that we had to save the bunny from the owl. So, I put the gloves on and scooped up the tiny bunny and he screamed, which scared me half to death. I put him in the box and we took him inside. At this point the girls are like"CAN WE KEEP IT" UHHH NOOOO!! I called animal control and they are not open on Sundays, so I called a 24 hour vet and they said I could bring him there to be checked out and then they would take him to wild life rehab. He looked to me like his back right leg was broken. This was at about 9pm. So I left him there and hope he ends out being ok!

Here are some photos of the little guy, he was no bigger than the palm of my hand.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Polk a Dot Purse

Here is the previously mentioned cutest purse in the WHOLE world OK maybe just in my house!

Who doesn't have a photo of their kids with spaghetti face??
Swap I received today, So many pretty things!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday Top Ten

It is 11:30 at night and I have to be up at 6am to get the kids ready for school, but I was inspired to do a quick top ten. The idea came to me as I was putting my clothes away in my closet, yep you got it I have been here over three weeks and still haven't unpacked my clothing. LOOSER By the way I only put about 1/4 of them away and decided to Blog instead:)

So the theme of this weeks top ten is........ Top 10 things wrong with my wardrobe

1. If it has polka dots all over it I will BUY IT, I have about 7+ black and white polka dot dresses, 3 red and white polka dot tops, 1 pair of black and white polka dot heels, and as of Today the CUTEST red and white polka dot Patten leather clutch, OMG I LOVE LOVE THIS BAG, I will take a photo tomorrow and show you. There are probably other dotty things that I can't remember since I only unpacked a wee little bit.

2. Is it really necessary to purchase a new dress for every wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, bachelorette party, girls night out, date with the hubby, OK you get it. Apparently I need to go to dress aholics anonymous. At least I can wear each one here and no one except hubby will have seen them before. Not that I have any where to wear a dress to. All in good time!

3. Lets talk about Shrug addiction, I have at least 20 shrugs all different colors and fabrics. Do I wear them you ask? YES, I happen to love most all of them, they go great with the above dress collection:)
4. Shoes are another HUGE problem, I had 90 pairs Oh wait, I bought two pairs in the last couple of weeks. I got the cutest red patten leather T strap shoes at good old ross of all places. They are Steve Madden shoes, so they are decent quality too. Patten leather is a sub category of shoes, I have hot pink, 4 pairs of black, 2 pairs or red, white and possibly another that I am forgetting.
5. My style- what style?? I have BOHO skirts, vintage sparkly 50's sweaters, Hollister Tees, baby doll tops, respectable banana republic clothes, & flowy summer dresses. WHO THE HECK am I??????
6. Handbags-yikes I haven't counted these, but I would guess about 50. Which are equally confused as my clothes, I have coach bags, Nice Italian leather bags, vintage fabric bags, PATTEN LEATHER-4 at least, Purse party bags, & vintage evening clutches.

7. Let's talk about Jeans, I have citizens, sevens, miss me, Rock and republic, lots of Lucky's and a few pairs of express and other random ones. Some of the above mentioned are still in the "skinny tote" since having Little G, but I am going to join a gym tomorrow so they should get to come out just in time for nice HOT weather when I no longer care to wear jeans:)

8. One of my other problems is saving things for longer than I should, I follow the if I haven't worn it in 3 years get rid of it, instead of Get rid of it after one year!

9. Jewelry is an issue as well, I only have a few really nice expensive pieces, But I have a BOAT LOAD of all kinds of really great vintage, handmade, fun costume, and rhinestone jewelry. I am good about wearing most of it! Except maybe the 20+ broaches which are sparkly and pretty and I love them.
10. I guess after reading this post and looking at my closet, I know two things: one I am completely skitzo and a wee bit of a hoarder! I hate the hoarder word, but Graham is crying and I can't think of a nicer term

Saturday, April 5, 2008


My parents discovered the coolest thing, and I am sure many of you will have all ready heard of it or are using it, but it is new and neeto to me. It is a really great FREE service called SKYPE. You download the program from their website, then your friend or family member downloads it and you can call each other for free where ever in the US. The BEST part is you can see each other if you have a web cam. My parents and grandparents downloaded it last week and have been bugging me to do it. I finally did because I couldn't take their nagging any more. We all love it, it is great for the kids to be able to see their grandparents and the grandparents to see the kidos! The only problem is every time we chat I look like H E double tooth picks, thank goodness it is just my family. I HOPE some of my friends will hook up to it also!!!

I haven't posted any photos in a while so here are some of the things I have received in the mail in the last few weeks!
I finally got the monkeys from the monkey swap I participated in a month or three ago! TOO CUTE!
I got these lovely fabrics and yummy chocolate eggs for my birthday from a fellow fabric addict in my FAA Swap Group.
I also participated in another birthday swap, and I got these darling vintage magnets!
This was a swap I received for my favorite things, its hard to see in this photo, but there are yummy wine truffles, pretty pink ultra fine glitter, cute cherry note cards and some cute pink girly napkins and the darling handmade cherry apron.
This was from my Friend Lori in Charlotte NC and she was only suppose to send one thing and she spoiled me, darling vintage fabric, super sweet fabric covered thumb tacks and a vintage vase from Japan.
Here are all the things I received from the birthday swap! See the cute handmade cupcake!!!

I am participating in a Paris in the spring time swap at sweet goodness Swaps
and I am so excited about my partner, it is Heidi at Vacuuming in High Heels and Pearls
she and I love so many of the same things, it should be really fun to put it together for her.
Off to Bed!!

Friday, April 4, 2008


I know I said I was going to be better about blogging, but it has been a little crazy still. Graham and I started the week with a really bad cold and slept most of the day on Tuesday. Monday was the girls first day of school and they have to be there between 7:25-7:45 which is way earlier then 8:00-8:15. As of Tuesday they started riding the bus because it picks up at the bottom of our driveway, I love this and so do they because it is social! I have also been doing all my bills, taxes and misc. paper work from moving! UGGG not fun. Thursday my neighbor Robin took me to some really great stores, by the way she is an interior decorator so she has lots of connections. We went to four stores and my FAVORITE was this fabric Store/ware house. IT WAS HEAVEN, it is all decorator fabric and some of it is as little as a 1/2 yard and some as much as 20yards, the best part it is all 5$ or less a yard!!!!! This is the stuff you buy at the fabric store on the big rolls that usually costs 14.99$ on up, and it was nice stuff! I bought 15$ worth and am dragging the family there tomorrow. I want to slip cover my couches for the family room, YIKES that is a big job, but a lot cheaper than new furniture! Today Graham and I went thrifting, no great stores though, I will have to keep looking!