Thursday, May 8, 2008

Back From The Beach

I wasn't planning on being away from the blog for so long, however we got invited to go to the beach with my neighbor Robin. Her family has a beach house in Holden Beach, NC. She invited us Fri., so I emailed Gab's teacher to see what her though of us being gone until Wed. He was not happy about it so I told him we would be back Tues. night so she would be in school Wed.-Fri. He told me that I am persistent and he was glad we came to a compromise. When we got back, Gwen's teacher told her to tell me not to take them to the beach during school next time. Whatever, she is in second grade for goodness sake. Poor Ol' Chad had to leave for Canada Mon. am, so he missed all the beach fun, he gets back tonight:)!!!!

Thursday I took Robin shopping for some new clothes, she literally had clothes from the 80's still in her closet. So we started by going through her closet and I told her what to get rid of, then we headed off to the stores. We had fun and we found her some nice things, she still needs to find a nice dark pair of jeans, some cute shoes , a purse and some undergarments. So there will be another day of shopping in our future. Her hubby called me yesterday and asked if I would go with him Sat. am and help him pick her out a dress for Mother's Day.
I spent Sat. getting everyone packed and I chopped off the girls hair, they both look a lot better. We got up at 7am Sunday and headed out at 9am. It is a 4 hour drive to the beach, and along the way I got a speeding ticket, UGGGGGGG It was a 60mph zone, which no one was going less than 70 in, however I was going 80 because I thought it was a 70 zone. I know 80 is not 70, however you are driving on this wide open freeway, with only trees to look at and I had to pee really bad. Any way , I now have to pay $150. SHEESH I am so unlucky, every time I have ever been pulled over, I have been given a ticket. For example two years ago March, I got pulled over for a stupid failure to yield and I said it's my birthday, which it really was and the STUPID JERK, still gave me a ticket! BTW, 1 mile down the road from where I got pulled over the speed changed to 70, you would think they would give me a warning when they realized I just moved here as I still have dealer plates and a CA license. NOOO such luck for me!

We arrived in Holden Beach at 1ish and we unloaded the car an got in our suits and headed to the beach. The beach was amazing, way different then the Northern CA beaches I am use to. Did i mention, no steep drop off, no sea weed, and no major undertow.The weather was in the high 70's-to mid 80's, which in Nor Cal, in the middle of summer is a slim possibility. Robin was great, she took the girls shelling, ghost crabbing, to the beach when Graham was asleep. We also made a trip to the aquarium. Lots of photos below.
Here is the little digger dude, he looks like he posed for this one~

Could he be any cuter???Here we are! Apparently I need to get to the gym and do some serious ARM work~ Yikes

I have never in my whole life seen so many shells on the beach, they were every where. The girls collected these in the first half hour.

G=-Girls Ghost Crabbing.
Here is my car on the ferry going across the Inter -Coastal Water Way, I was excited to drive my car on the ferry as I had never done that before. All the ferries in Nor Cal are not car carriers. The silly things we get excited about.
Gab looking at a fishy!
Me and the 3 G's on the ferry! Yikes my hair gets crazy at the beach!
Miss Gwenzie-Lou~
Cute baby toes and fingers in the sand.
Big loves for sissy!!
Gwen making a sand castle. She luckily doesn't get crazy hair like her mom!
I might catch a fish if I wasn't so scared of the waves!
Or maybe, I'll try Boogie boarding, oh wait, that requires water entry also! I'll just drag it in the sand.
He loved the seagulls!
More love for sissy!
All the shells we brought home drying so they can go in a jar in our beach themed bathroom!

Close up look!
This is not beach related,just more wild life from the Smith house. This was in the driveway while I was cleaning the shells, is it a centipede or a millipede? Or some other creepy bug??

We can't wait to go back!!!!!


Colima said...

Cool! Looks like y'all had fun! Have you had any sweet tea yet?

Heidi said...

Oh, I miss the beach! You're right, Atlantic beaches are SO different from Pacific. Wait until August/September--the water will be like bathwater in temperature!

Oh, and that bug from your driveway is creepy! {shudder}

Shara said...

From my experience, this close to the end of the school year, the kids do practically NOTHING constructive. Movies, Field Day, Field Trips, Hot Dog lunches, etc. I doubt they missed anything that they can't make up this week. Besides, family memories are the MOST important things sometimes!

Heidi said...

I've gotten many speeding tickets in my day (a bunch in CA) but I've only been let off once, and that was on my birthday last year in Michigan. I started bawling!

Jen said...

I am headed to VA beach in June!!! Can't wait!